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Maritime Source Data Collection, Management and Integration

John K. Klippen


Paper charts and ENCs are subject to continuous changes based on information reported to and collected by the Hydrographic Offices. The same may also be said for other digital publications and products.
The importance of utilizing any incoming source data in an integrated solution allowing for the same source to be used for produciton and maintenance of any products is vital and cost saving for the HO’s as well as it improves quality and traceability for the products.
The paper describes an integrated proposed solution for the processes with source collection, strorage, handling management and integration, with the aim for a combined product and publication maintenance:
• One source for multiple use
• Maritime Data Collection System – Web portal (Inspire/BLAST project)
• Registration, administration and processing sources
• product maintenance based on source messages
• Nautical Publication creation and maintenance derived from source messages
• publication of Digital Nautical publicaitons/booklets
• NtM creation derived from the source messages
• integrated Tracing/Block production
• compilation and publication of NtM booklets with NM’s and Tracings/Blocks

The paper provides an insight into system and process administration as well as management of misc. nautical information collected by the Hydrographic Office, integrated QA/QC processes and all aspect from reciept to ready products.

The Soure Message system automates the production line of Digital publications:
from reciept of data, processing and dispatching of incoming messages up to creation of ready-to-print design files of booklets. The distinguishing feature of the system is that all information used by the misc. products are stored within one common repository. This facilitates automation of the production process thus contributing to data reliability and resource savings.