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NHS – MINTEC , Print on demand system

John K. Klippen

The paper will focus on the the project Government/Private industry project between Norwegian Hydrographic Service and Jeppesen Norway with the goal to establish an Print-on-demand infrastructure and service for their paper chart service.

The paper will be presented by Jeppesen Norway AS, but is made and prepared in collaboration with the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, Norway.

The NHS PoD project was a continuation of the MINTEC contract, dated back to 2005, and the paper will focus on practical key elements experienced between the two parties over the last years, where specification, implementation, testing and completion of the PoD service.

The PoD system allow for an automatic extraction of PoD products from the product repository, automatic creation of print-ready files, encryption & security measurements for the cartographic content and automatic verification measurements regarding the up to date status for the PoD products.

The paper will highlight and describe the project processes and demonstrate government and private business collaboration.
The paper will highlight, among other, following themes:
– Systemizing/tailoring of the solution, based on developed specifications
– Implementation processes and procedures
– Test scripts and verification process
– Organization and Administrative issues
– Meeting the “individual requirements”
– Contract closing
– Experiences gained during the contract period