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System integration of LiDAR Bathymetry sensors for complex surveys in France


Between February to June 2012, Fugro are conducting a large Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry (ALB) survey inFrancefor SHOM. The areas to be surveyed include the French coastlines of Finistère on the Atlantic coast andProvence, Alpes and Cotes d’ Azur in theMediterranean. The survey areas cover in excess of 2,200 square kilometres of complex rocky coastlines, beaches, islands and reefs.


Data will be collected for regional and national agencies for a number of applications for which a precise understanding of the bathymetry is required. The surveys will collect data for nautical charting purposes and will provide products to support risk prevention including tsunami modelling, flood inundation mapping, coastline management including erosion and sand nourishment, economic development for ports and tourism and scientific research. The surveys are planned to start in winter in order to survey the challenging Finistère coastline prior to the thick kelp that grows rapidly in the spring and summer months, preventing the seabed from being accurately mapped.


Fugro are conducting the survey using a combination of their Fugro LADS Mk 3 ALB system with the RIEGL VQ-820-G shallow water airborne laser scanner that are set to work in a European registered aircraft and operated simultaneously. The survey requirements include the collection of data from the back of the beach to maximum depths of 20 to 30 metres to IHO Order 1b standards. A minimum coverage of the seabed of 80% in the Atlantic and 90% in theMediterranean is required.


This paper will present the project management of the survey including the setting to work, calibration and integration of the two LiDAR systems, the management of environmental conditions and the impact on the data collection and the processing and integration of the data into a seamless set of products. Lessons learned will also be discussed.


Acknowledgments: Vincent Lamarre, Litto3d Project Manager, Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine (SHOM)