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Conference Papers

Instructions for Authors

Depending on your own preference and the decisions of the contents team of Hydro12, you will present your paper either as an oral presentation or as a poster. During the conference, the abstracts will be available in the conference book.

Your paper should deal with at least one of the following list of topics:

  • A. innovations in acquisition techniques (e.g.: SONAR; LIDAR; satellite imagery; satellite positioning);
  • B. subsea positioning (e.g. integrated navigation; multisensor fusion; ROV positioning; IRM surveying)
  • C. innovations in processing techniques (e.g.: object detection; large data volumes; 3D methods)
  • D. smart data management (e.g.: MSDI; INSPIRE; indicators for data quality);
  • E. easy customer access to data and products (e.g.: webservices; ENC-s);
  • F. careful marine planning (e.g.: wind farms; dredging; traffic separation; resurvey policies);
  • G. cost-effective solutions (e.g.: international cooperation; insourcing vs outsourcing; autonomous surveying);
  • H. geophysics of the marine environment (e.g.: morphodynamics; sub-bottom mapping of the seabed; exploitation of natural resources; fluid sediments);
  • I. vertical references (e.g.: ellipsoidally referenced surveying; internationally consistent definitions and realizations);
  • J. accurate hydrodynamics (e.g.: water levels and tides; currents; oceanographic forecasting);
  • K. Hydrography in the Benelux (e.g.: Maasvlakte 2; the Sand Engine; optimal access to Antwerp)
  • L. The hydrographic profession (e.g.: attraction to young people; education; professional standards; hydrographic societies).

Your conference paper is due on June 15, 2012. This paper will consist of a maximum of six pages, and is intended as an extended abstract, digitally available to all conference participants. A paper template with guidelines has been sent to al corresponding authors, and is still available upon request.

After presentation of the paper, there will be two separate options to publish your findings in a full paper, including insights from discussions following the presentation of the paper. Authors should decide on their interest for one of these voluntary options when they submit their conference paper.

Option 1: Your paper will be offered to the editorial team of Hydro International, for publication in the magazine and permanently on (This option is especially attractive for papers that are operational in nature.)

Option 2: Your paper will be part of a peer-reviewed digital Publication of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission, permanently available on (This option is especially attractive for papers that are scientific in nature.)

As a consequence of submitting an abstract, you are obliged to also submit a conference paper, to attend the conference, and to present your paper. If any unforeseen circumstances prevent you from meeting these obligations, we expect you to contact us as soon as possible via

It is necessary to register for the conference separately from the abstract submission process. Online registration will be facilitated at

We look forward to your contributions on how to take good care of the seas, rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Thank you for your interest in this conference, we will do our best to create a high level and complete overview of the state of our profession for you.

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