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Deepening of the Port of Santos – Brazil; Dredging to Results 5 000 km surveyed

José Bartolomeu Ferreira Fontes, Mathias Schlösser


This edition is the continuation of the work presented in 2010 in Rostock Wandemunder Hydro. Deepening of the Port of Santos is the major dredging project at the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC Growth Acceleration Plan) of the Brazilian government. The dredged material will have a volume of about 13.8 million cubic meters. The Port of Santos is located at the bay of Santos, Sao Paulo of coastal, in south-east of Brazil. The first historical work dredge did happen Between 1891-1909.
The goal of the recent Deepening and is 13.5 meters with a further Top upcoming Deepening up to 15 meters.
The theme highlights the enormity of the work of dredging as a whole and when ascending the economy of the country, mostly for the works related to the port area hydrography and therefore facing the port projects.

Talk about hydrography, where we find challenges, different survey methods generate challenges and are directly linked to the project and the results of the work of dredging. Methods such as multibeam singlebeam x (dual frequency) still require the correct application for each case. The influence of professional experienced in hydrology is essential and is a labor increasingly scarce.
5000 km linear bathymetry singlebeam were performed to monitor and help project the dredging and deepening the stage of team work means a lot of probing, challenges, difficulties and technical expertise. In addition to racial miscegenation, united in a great cause.

The bathymetry equipment for simple monitoring of the dredging of the port of saints consists of a dual frequency echo 200/24 kHz, a positioner DGPS, motion sensor and software for navigation, acquisition, processing and final products. Is a simple comparison to what is on the market today’s market, there is shown very efficient, especially by a common effect on the dredging activities, the slurry.