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Integrated Bathymetric Data Management – the Platform for Decision Making in the Port of Hamburg

Frank Köster, Verena Bosselmann-Borsos, Otto Karl Büchsenschütz-Nothdurft


The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has used CARIS tools for bathymetric

data management and analysis for more than 10 years. The inclusion of

the Engineering Analysis Module (EAM) into the CARIS Bathy DataBASE

(BDB) suite together with the professional Oracle based data

management and the OGC webservice compliance through CARIS Spatial

Fusion Enterprise opens new possibilities for the Hydrographic Survey

Department and its customers, as a result of which HPA has now moved

to this package.


The Bathy DataBASE forms the backbone of the bathymetric analysis

performed at the HPA and is the platform for several product creation

processes and decision making.

Using cleaned multibeam and mobile laserscan data and different kinds

of harbour maps like ENCs, AutoCAD files or 3D channel models, created

within BDB, the Hydrographic Survey Department creates Bathymetric

Models, Bathymetric ENCs, all bathymetric objects for Paper Charts,

Difference Models, Profiles and Volume Computations for the Dredging

Department, the Nautical Centre, the Pilots, Asset Managers and other


Additional customers like the Hydrology Department can either directly

access the Bathy DataBASE with the Bathy DataBASE Manager or can

integrate OGC Web Services provided from the CARIS Spatial Fusion

Enterprise into their own applications in order to carry out tailored

analysis like sediment prediction.


This paper will show how a system like BDB is integrated into the

different workflows within and between the different departments at

HPA, showing how to share and jointly use one common data basis over a

large and varied user base. It will also give an outlook of the

further development of the software and the processes inside of HPA.