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Backscatter “From ping to Database”, a Canadian Hydrographic Service perspective

Roger Côté, Louis Maltais (CHS), Richard sanfaçon (CHS)



The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) is planning to make a better

usage of the backscatter intensity data collected with their multibeam

sounding systems. All the backscatter data collected during the last

two decades were not systematically processed and maintained, so that

a lot of valuable information has not been used and is archived on

tapes and disks. The intent of CHS is to make an inventory of this

data and to processs it to a minimum level, so that it can be made

accessible rapidly and easily to its cartographers and to the

scientific community. This poster shows a potential dataflow which may

serve as a guideline for future processes and tools development

related to backscatter data handling by hydrographic Authorities.