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Multibeam Sponsors

Welcomes you to the Icebreaker Party


Hydro17 in The Netherlands again – Call for Papers

Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

The next Hydro conference is arriving: Hydro17. The Hydrographic Society Benelux (HSB) invites you on behalf of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) to contribute to the conference Hydro17 with a conference paper. The conference will be held on board of the steam ship “De Rotterdam” between 14 and 16 November 2017. SS Rotterdam is permanently moored in the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Hydro17 focuses on strengthening the connection within the Hydrographic world and seeking connection with adjacent disciplines. Therefore, ‘Connection’ will be a common theme throughout the conference. The HSB will also be celebrating our 25th anniversary of Hydro conferences!

This call is open to abstracts addressing a hydrographic theme.

Abstract Contributions

Contributions for Hydro17 from young people (including students) and developing countries are especially encouraged. Contributions that are very commercial in nature, rather than innovative, will not be accepted.

  • Abstracts can be submitted to submissions@hydro17.com.
  • Authors that have submitted a successful abstract will be notified before 30 April 2017.
  • Guidelines for submitting the full conference paper and presentation material will be sent with the notification and made available on hydro17.com.
  • During the conference, the abstracts will be available in the conference book.

More information and registration is available on the conference website.

Hydro12 Proceedings available online

Facilitated by the Technical University of Twente, The Netherlands,  the Hydro12 proceedings now also are available online. Full papers of the presentations made during the conference can be consulted from the University of Twente Conference Proceedings Repository in a dedicated webspace. Doing so, the materials will stay available in the future.

They can be consulted through the link as well as being searched by the scientific community.



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Vessels visiting Hydro12

The Hydro12 organising committee already has created awareness of the possibility to use survey vessels and launches nearby the SS Rotterdam and succeeded! A total of seven vessels have been confirmed to join the delegates and companies during the conference. They give the opportunity to see the current techniques.

The new Flemish research vessel Hondius is worth taking your time to get yourself familiar with the techniques that are available at this moment. Also various companies and governmental organisations (like the Port of Rotterdam) provide the opportunity to experience what these techniques can do for the hydrographic professional. Don’t hesitate to request a demo!

See the overview of visiting vessels.

Hydro12 – Taking Care of the Sea: Be quick for Early Bird!

Nederlands: De ROTTERDAM op haar ligplaats in ...

SS ROTTERDAM permanently moored in Rotterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hydrographic conference Hydro12 is getting closer. The presentations programme is ready, as the trade show is nearly fully booked (however there are a couple of places left) and the partner programme is there if your partner like to join you but prefers to see the countryside. The authors are working on the final versions of the papers they will present. Will you be there? Register before 1 July 2012 to save 60 euros early bird discount!

The organisers have chosen a remarkable venue: the SS Rotterdam – a cruiseliner which is permanently moored in Rotterdam. The vessel also is the conference hotel with rooms that can be booked as well for an attractive rate. Can you imagine the Icebreaker party with a view over the teak decks outside? And the conference dinner taking place in one of the restaurants – a real Captain’s Dinner will surprise you!

All information is on the website, so please register and take the discounted fee!


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Is your Company on the Trade Show?

Aside of the conference Hydro12, the organisation is facilitating companies to get in touch with hydrographic surveyors and related professionals, making them familiar with the recent developments in technology, software and services.  Many companies already are represented with a booth (which we have called the singlebeam package) on the trade show. This means that if your company aims to join the exhibition, action is required! There are more options to communicate with the delegates during the conference Hydro12. Like to know more? Just contact the sponsoring team for all available options!

Registration Hydro12 Open!

The organisation of Hydro12 has opened the registration in the website. So you can make sure to be included in the event taking place from 13 to 15 November 2012 on board of the SS Rotterdam.  Delegates registering before 1 July 2012 benefit from the early bird fee, saving 60 euros.

When registering, you also can indicate if you need a visum invitation.

This also is the moment to secure a hotel room on board of the SS Rotterdam, making the experience of Hydro12 even more intensive. There are special rates for delegates, when booked directly with the venue.

The preliminary programme of the conference also is available on the website. It is subject to change but it shows that the agenda is full and worthwhile.


Keynote Speakers for Hydro12

The conference Hydro12 is taking shape. The organisers have attracted three keynote speakers who are to emphasise the theme: Taking Care of the Sea.

The experts are Peter Harris (Australia), involved in the GeoHab programme; Steve Shipman MBE, who was vice-president for the IHB and before, involved in the joint IHO / FIG / ICA Advisory Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers; and Terje Torsnes of Geological Survey of Norway. His current area of expertise is within marine geology, with emphasis on seabed sediments and morphology, links between geology and biology within an ecosystem framework, and applied aspects for ocean management.

 More information on the keynote speakers

Call for Papers Hydro12 Closed

The Call for Papers for Hydro12 is now closed. Between December 2011 and March 2012, the organizing committee received 62 abstracts. Most of the authors expressed a preference for an oral presentation, while some prefer a poster presentation. The contents team is evaluating these contributions, and will decide on the papers that they would like to be presented orally by 15 April 2012. We are delighted by the large numbers of abstracts, which is a firm basis for a high-quality programme. Many thanks to all organizations and individuals that submitted an abstract — you are a key factor in the success of our conference.

We received abstracts from all over the world, contributing to all of the twelve topics that we suggested with at least four papers. The most popular topics are C “innovations in processing techniques” and E “easy customer access to data and products”.

A corresponding authors received a short confirmation of the receipt of the abstract. If you are a corresponding author, but did not receive a confirmation, please contact us via submissions@hydro12.com.

Instructions for authors are given on a dedicated page.

Call for Papers Extended

The deadline to submit abstracts for the Call for Papers has been extended to 15th March 2012. The content committee already received abstracts but a couple of authors have requested to have slightly more time to prepare. Also professionals who aim to contribute to the Hydro12 conference who did not yet express their interest are invited to submit an abstract. Please see the page Call for Papers for all details.