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Hydro17 in The Netherlands again – Call for Papers

Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

The next Hydro conference is arriving: Hydro17. The Hydrographic Society Benelux (HSB) invites you on behalf of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) to contribute to the conference Hydro17 with a conference paper. The conference will be held on board of the steam ship “De Rotterdam” between 14 and 16 November 2017. SS Rotterdam is permanently moored in the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Hydro17 focuses on strengthening the connection within the Hydrographic world and seeking connection with adjacent disciplines. Therefore, ‘Connection’ will be a common theme throughout the conference. The HSB will also be celebrating our 25th anniversary of Hydro conferences!

This call is open to abstracts addressing a hydrographic theme.

Abstract Contributions

Contributions for Hydro17 from young people (including students) and developing countries are especially encouraged. Contributions that are very commercial in nature, rather than innovative, will not be accepted.

  • Abstracts can be submitted to
  • Authors that have submitted a successful abstract will be notified before 30 April 2017.
  • Guidelines for submitting the full conference paper and presentation material will be sent with the notification and made available on
  • During the conference, the abstracts will be available in the conference book.

More information and registration is available on the conference website.

Hydro12 Proceedings available online

Facilitated by the Technical University of Twente, The Netherlands,  the Hydro12 proceedings now also are available online. Full papers of the presentations made during the conference can be consulted from the University of Twente Conference Proceedings Repository in a dedicated webspace. Doing so, the materials will stay available in the future.

They can be consulted through the link as well as being searched by the scientific community.



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Entertainment during the opening

Rob Karis has written a dedicated song for the opening of the exhibition of Hydro12, aimed at having young people looking to the hydrographic profession. It was a welcomed element of entertainment after all official speeches!


Keynote Mark Heine: Autonomous Hydrographic Survey

During Hydro12, Mark Heine (Fugro) showed some insights in the development of the techniques that reach out the way hydrography may develop, one of them being autonomous hydrographic survey. For example by using gliders, as the Wave Glider. This instrument moves autonomously in the ocean or can stay in one location, capable to measure a variety of data. It can stay out there for a longer time as it uses solar panels to top up the energy it needs.

Manufacturer Liquid Robotics featured in an article in Hydro International in January/February 2012.

Pictures of Hydro12

During the conference, Camiel Hinderink has made pictures of Hydro12 to catch the atmosphere. Do you have images? Send them to us using, mentioning

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Award Presentation for Papers

The conference Hydro12 came to a conclusion on Thursday 15 November 2012 on board the SS Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. One of the final programme items was the presentation of the paper awards by Hydrographic Society Benelux chairman Leeke van der Poel. Awards were made available for Yves Plancke (Belgium) and in the ‘Student’ category (young scientists): Ruggero Capperucci (Germany).

Yves Plancke presented the paper, entitled High resolution topo-bathymetric and flow measurements and 2D hydrodynamic numerical modelling to evaluate the effects of the deepening of the navigation channel in the Western Scheldt, co-authored by Dries Vertommen, Kirsten Beirinckx and Gwendy Vos.

Ruggero Capperucci’s awarded paper focused on Sediment vs Topographic Roughness: Antropogenic Effects on Acoustic Seabed Classification, co-authored by Alexander Bartholomä.

The jury expressed the quality was there and decided to award runners-up in addition to the final award winners, sometimes with tight differences. Travis Mason (UK) presented the very first paper of the event and took the second place in the awards. Her paper, co-authored by Robert Kinnear and Andrew Colenutt, was entitled Beyond bathymetry – coastal marine mapping. The third place was for Caroline Gautier, The Netherlands, on Hydrodynamic Data from Radar Observations, which paper had contributions with co-authors Herman Peters and Jos van Heesen.

In the ‘Young scientists’ category, the runners-up were Cornelis Slobbe (The Netherlands), with the paper Lowest Astronomical Tide in the North Sea derived from a vertically referenced shallow water model, and an assessment of its suggested sense of safety. This paper was co-authored by Roland Klees, Marting Verlaan, Leendert Dorst and Herman Gerritsen. The third place, the paper Sediment waves: geohazard or geofeature? was presented by Victoria Putans (Russia).

After the presentation of the awards, the tunes of Biggles Big Band contributed to a good atmosphere when the delegates said farewell and were looking forward to the next event.

Hydro12 Has Taken Off

The conference Hydro12 made a start on Monday – the delegates were arriving in bigger numbers, the reception area changed into registration where the badges were displayed – the Queen’s Lounge of the SS Rotterdam as well as the Upper Glass Promenade turned into an exhibition area giving room for over 45 companies… At the same time, students were able to see the Rotterdam from a different angle and perhaps also underwater as several survey vessels like the Scheurrak (Rijkswaterstaat), GeoSurveyor VII ( and the Freedom from the Port of Rotterdam took the youngsters to show them how modern equipment works and which results are possible.

The presenters were asked to submit their presentation for a smooth seminar and were briefed. The attraction was of course the Icebreaker party – a get-together for all delegates on the SS Rotterdam. Without exception, the opinion was that the venue looked great – everybody together again in one place to bond, to exchange experiences and to enjoy the week.

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Odom Hydrographic MB1 Demos

Geometius and Teledyne Odom Hydrographic are organising, in close cooperation with Braveheart Shipping, free multibeam survey demonstrations with the new MB1.

This will be provided on board the survey vessel ‘MV Freedom’. The vessel will be moored near the conference venue SS Rotterdam. The demonstrations will be held at regular intervals during the conference

Tuesday 13 November            15:00 – 16:00

Wednesday 14 November       11:30 – 12:30      14:00 – 15:00  and  16:15 – 17:15

Thursday 15 November           10:00 – 11:00      15:00 – 16:00

You can book your preferred time slot in advance by sending an e-mail to or visit Geometius (stand nr. P5) or Teledyne Odom Hydrographic (stand nr. S5) at the trade show.


Seabed will be present together with Norbit and Novatel

You can visit Seabed in booth L14 in the Queens Lounge on Atlantic Promenade. Here we will show you a small range of Seabed products as well as the newly designed Seabed Traveller Case which contains the Norbit – WBMS 128-BA Multibeam, the Novatel Span CPT IMU, the Novatel Span SE-D, the AML Minos X SVP and Qinsy Survey software. The Traveller case having a total weight of less then 21 kg.

This traveller case will be demonstrated on our vessel Naatje located on the pier beside the SS Rotterdam. You can reserve your place for a demonstration by sending a short line with your preferred day and time to

Hope to see you there!!

Echoscope 3D Real Time Imaging Sonar Live Demo

During Hydro12 in Rotterdam, Nautikaris will offer free demonstrations of the Echoscope 3D Real Time Imaging sonar system. This will be provided on board the survey vessel ‘MV Freedom’ of Braveheart shipping. The vessel will be moored near the conference venue ‘SS Rotterdam. Demos will be presented at regular intervals during the conference

Time schedule:

Tuesday 13 November            14:00 – 15:00      16:30 – 17:30

Wednesday 14 November       10:00 – 11:00      15:00 – 16:00

Thursday 15 November           11:00 – 12:00      14:00 – 15:00   and  16:15 – 17:15

Registration for the demo’s are free. You can book your preferred time slot in advance by sending an e-mail to or visit our Nautikaris stand at the Promenade Deck during the HYDRO12 show.


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